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"SOS" ("System Of Support")


You may ask the Question, "WHY say YES?"...the Answer is an Explosion of "GOOD NEWS" because the "YES" Club is a "System Of Support" (SOS) for Elementary, Middle and High School Students, to Enlighten and Heighten them to deal with LIFE Challenges... both Academics (Grades) as well as Epidemics (Behavior)! SOS Workshops cover Students, Parents and Teachers! Click the Tab below to obtain more details and PDFs! The "YES" Club is a Community Outreach Project of SOGN Productions; Professor Carl Cole (Mr. C), founded SOGN in 1979 and created the "YES" Club Program in 2007 (after receiving the Community Service Award from the IL Association of Park Districts and the IL Park And Recreation Association. His Wife, Dianna (Ms. C) is the SOGN Manager and Director of Education! Both Carl & Dianna have Master's of Divinity Degrees (inc. Counselling). Mr. C also has a Masters in Music! For more information, visit: www.soundsofgoodnews.com.

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"YES" Club Come-UNITY Core Group Schedule


The "YES" Club Come-UNITY (Community) Core Group is called the "Young Eagles Soaring" (YES) Inspirational Choir...which consists of Students who are interested in Singing, Dancing and representing "UNITY" = "United Now Inspiring Togetherness Year-round" and "PEACE" = "Positive Energy And Character Excellence" ("UP"), thus our General Theme: "Let's POWER UP!". The YESIC recently shared Two Shows at the IL State Fair in Springfield (Saturday, August 19, 2017 was their "10th Annual" visit to Springfield, representing the Rockford Park District and McDonalds). 

The "YES" Club has expanded from the Greater Rockford Region into Freeport (the Coles Hometown) and even out-of-State to Beloit, Wisconsin. Loves Park, Machesney Park, Roscoe, Rockton and South Beloit are on the Table for establishing "YES" Workshops! Click the Tab for MORE Information and YESIC Schedule!

"YES" Club Calendar

"YES" Club TV News Clips


The "YES" Club has been "In the News" on a regular basis...as Workshops and Performances are happening Monthly (inc. "School's-Out" Days and Holidays)! Here's a News Clip re: our Departure to the IL State Fair in Springfield (8/19/2017) to share our 10th Annual Performances, representing the Rockford Park District and McDonald's:



You can also see several News Clips and Newspaper Articles on our Facebook Web Page @ www.facebook.com/yesclubcep

Here's a Cool PSA by our Friends @ TV-17/Fox-39:  https://youtu.be/aEKQk1QNnYA 

They also did a FAB Piece for February as National Black History Month (Mimi Murphy): https://youtu.be/0ENqwmxGS4Q

Our Major Supporters & FRIENDS @ BERGSTROM, Inc. are working with WTVO to create a National Video Documentary on the "YES" Club Vision (coming Soon)!

Here's another Dynamic News Piece from TV-13 (Sean Muserallo):


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"HAPPY TIMES" @ McDonald's


On November 11, 2016 ("Veteran's Day", after the YESIC sang for a Community Celebration, we chose to eat at the nearby McDonald's on Mulford Rd. in Rockford. Who would ever fathom that we would be "Discovered" by the Owner of the 13 locations of Trippco McDonald's (Mr.Guy Bucciferro, Middle of Photo). A Partnership was soon formed between SOGN/YES Club & the Bucciferro Family! Monthly Concerts occur at select locations (follow the Schedule). Click to see a Cool endorsement by Ronald McDonald, Himself! Many More Clips are on Facebook and the SOGN Web Sites...coming SOON!

Ronald McDonald's "YES"!

The "YES" Club Vision LEGACY


The LEGACY of the "YES" Club Vision began with Mr. C, himself, as the last of 7 Musically Talented Children of James and Erma Cole. The family Group was known as "The Singing Coles" throughout the State of Illinois and beyond (even appearing in the IL State Magazine in 1963 & 65! After Dad Cole passed away when Carl was only 12 years old, he became the "Action Figure" of the "YES" Club Vision. Mom Cole taught Everyone to strive for Excellence and wrap it up in "Kindness" and "Good Character"! Carl (Mr. C) carried that torch throughout his School Years (receiving the American Legion Scholastic Award as well as the "Most Likely to Succeed" of the Class of 1979! After going straight to College at NIU, he was inspired to start his own Music Company ("Sounds Of Good News"/SOGN). Through the years, Mr. C worked as the Associate Director of Community Outreach for the Rock River Valley YMCA (clikc the Tab below to see the February 1989 Newsletter). He later worked as a Vendor in the RPS#205, visiting Schools with Music and Character Building, as well as the Musical Director/Musician for Two After School Multi-Cultural Club Programs (under the Leadership of Teachers Ms. Karen Portis & Ms. Wanda Hill). After receiving the 2007 CS Award from the Rockford Park District, he created the permanent name of "The YES Club"! The Rest is HIS-Story!

1989 Historical Document



Through the Powerful Vision of the "YES" Club, we have learned that making a "Better WORLD" begins "WHERE YOU ARE"...in Your City...in Your Community...in Your State...and in Your Nation! Now as we are focusing on increasing AWARENESS of the "YES" Club Vision, we are also working to acquire Donors and Sponsors of our "Let's POWER UP!" Vision of "UNITY-PEACE"!

Please, note: SOGN/YES Club is a Non-Profit Organization with IRS Tax-Exempt Status (501c3)! Your Charitable Contributions are Tax-Deductible! Please, click the Tab below to Help Us to "WALK the TALK" to make sure that there is "NO CHILD LEFT OUT!"! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

I say, "YES"!